900 Feet Beneath


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Recorded in the summer of 2012 with Ryan Gorgol at Cellar Door Studios.
All songs written by Sam Porter and performed by The Howl.

Sam Porter - Guitar/Vocals
Evan Porter - Guitar/vocals
Ryan Grillaert - Bass/Vocals
John Garrison - Drums


released September 10, 2012

Special thanks to Ryan Gorgol and Pete Fenech, without which this record would have never been possible. Also, Bauer to Royal, Kayleigh Kueffner, Alan Chen, Jordan Burk, Colin Brown, Colin Reineberg, our friends, families and loved ones. Everyone who believed in us and helped us along the way. We are forever grateful!



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KALI MASI Chicago, Illinois

Kali Masi is a punk rock band from Chicago’s ever-ripening music scene. Kali Masi is clever and cathartic, offering melodies sculpted around angles and curves that will pull even the most jaded punks in from the back of the room. Their singles Jejune and Sputter showcase the bands aggressive and meditative roots while foreshadowing the sure-fire full-length Wind Instrument to be released in 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Tremors
I’ve got 20 something years of fire tonight
I’ve got 20 more reasons to die
If you think I’m the devil then I think you’re right
I’ve twisted tongues with the Anti-Christ

We’re drinking to drown
We’re painting this town - Black.
Like the hearts of the crows.
You know I wouldn’t lie to you,
I’ve got the devil in me and i’ve been living so definitively when I shake.

Shake for every moment in the waking.
Shake off all the sugar in my wake so I can rest my head.
I’m on a mission. This commission of blood
Will make your mind look in new directions
A liquid sickness. I’ll never lose it for good
Bleeding black over red and you know that I should
When I shake.

The man and his militia don’t want you to breathe
They spell heaven with a dollar sign
They think I’m the devil, and I think they’re right
I speak in tongues and I speak my mind.

And we’re drinking to drown
We’re painting this town - Black.
Like the hearts of the crows.
Because if I’m too fast, then you’re too slow
Or at least too stoned to shake it tonight.
Track Name: Tapioca
I heard a song today.
It had the minor fall and the major lift,
But the heart fell short in the singers voice
He’s just trying to keep up with kitsch.
But we won’t put up with that shit.
We’ve got the energy that we need
We can turn these wheels, we’ve got the means, we’re ok.

Because all the times that I wished I was what they were
I was so much more and they were all falling short.
I found strength in disillusion, fighting confusion,
We are blessed with a brand new age, a new page.
We’ve got the basements and we’ve got the bands.
We can turn it all around it’s all in our hands, Alright.

Just put your best foot forward

All seeds bloom in time.

Just put your best foot forward

And leave your fears behind.

Because fears are for the blind.
Track Name: Crooked Tongues
You’ve been sinking since you were young
stealing credit cards and drags of cigarettes
You’ve seen the bottoms of a thousand tinted bottles
But you can’t stop swimming (because the state lines are biting at your heels)
Did the pool halls offer you friendship?
Did the drugs wipe away your tears?
Did all the sex and drunken fanfare fill your heart while we waited for you christmas year?

You blame it all on being young ( I ain’t done nothin’ wrong)
Straight teeth but a crooked tongue ( I said ain’t done nothin’ wrong)
But Johnathan bloomed a man behind the prison bars ( I ain’t done nothin’, I ain’t done nothin’ I ain’t done nothin’)
All the while mama told him shoot for the stars.
Wake up, wake up, what have you done?

Why does the mirror bend to blend?
You’re like a parakeet in keeping
Self-obsessed in a circular sickness
You’re swallowing your tail, just to throw it back up again
Well let’s all get up and dance to the songs that were a hit before your mother was born
Though she was born a long long time ago, I think your mother would know better now.
Track Name: Lion Weight
Lie. Lie and wait.
These weeks rotten meat sticks in your teeth.
There’s a grave on our left and shame on your right
Was it hard not to toss and turn all night?

Wide, wide awake
on six months of sweat between the sheets
A pistol of aggression and a mouthful of regrets
I guess I’ll see how they compete.

But, there’s a place for hearts like yours.
Caged beneath your worn out skin,
untouchable and un-givable.
You can beat and pump that thick black smoke throughout your sullen veins,
But you couldn’t give that away
you couldn’t give that away.

I’ve held too tight to float away, you’re too heavy not to sink.
Her fingernails in my back, my ribs
(I can’t shake this heart awake)
Now I’m breathing in the Jameson
and I’ll drink her until i’m drunken
down and away

Lie, wide awake.

Six months of sweat between these sheets.

A pistol of aggression and a mouthful of regrets,

I guess I’ll see how they compete.

The chair dropped out and the rope went taut, now this is fucking with my head.
And he’s talking in my dreams now about all the things that you two did.
But I’ll give this heart a purpose
I will sleep until I surface far and away.
Track Name: Flowers
He couldn't seem to get it straight
and when the words came out, she walked away.
Feeling so disoriented,
his fingers were splinters, his heart was fermented.

Roses red in the gutter where she'd drown them
and said, "They'd look better dead."

Everyone said "Take cover with another lover!"
That boy's got the heart of a snake.
Can't wait around for another lover,
it's your heart or i'll give it a resting place.

She's standing outside, feeling that she's there to stay.
The clouds covered up the sun but she liked it better that way.
She let her fingernails rot beneath the paint.
Different colors for different days locked in a case inside her brain.

I've got some flowers for your mother
Because her only daughters dead.
I've got some flowers for your mother
Because she's buried in my garden bed.

(She kept her heart locked away.)

I've got some pictures for your mother
of a girl beyond the grave.
I've got some pictures for your mother
of a girl that Jesus never saved.
Track Name: Reindeer Games
You let the hair on your face grow long
You’ll take the pain and turn it into a melody
sheepishly sung behind closed doors
You say that you wish you were home more.
Will she take your heart?
Will she wear it as a charge or a chastity?

You let the numbers on the clock tick by
You wonder what had happened to the good times
Will she take your heart?
Will she wear it as a charge or a chastity?

You know she goes in that house every night.
She sleeps in a different room every time.
She sleeps in a different room every night.
You lie awake for a different moon
and you’ve been awake for days.

There’s a lot of people talking about false intentions
a lot of people talking about cheat.
And I know that it’s hard. But you’ve got to muster the strength to break it to me.
You’re working for the weekend
But the weekend’s looking bleak.
All the while these reindeer games are taking you away.
She can barely remember your name.

When you lose everything with everyone
And no one knows your name
When you lose me,
Will you let her know that you're letting go?
Let go.

Brother, you’ve been gone now for what seems like forever
Just look at the damage she’s done.
You’re praying to god and the vacancy listens
On Comet, on Cupid! On Donner, on Blitzen!
Tighten the reigns but this flight is destined to crash.
Track Name: Dinner With Bentham
The scalpel splits the silicone as I nurse a fading lover without a pulse.
Your love was a Trojan Horse.
Making arrangements for entombments of these strangers.
These movements of my heart inside my chest, each pulse inflicts a fracture.

Dark waters fill my lungs as I am struggling to breathe.
I’m choking on your grief.
I am the afterbirth of sorrow, praying I don’t wake up tomorrow.
God damn, Christina, how was I supposed to carry on like this?

When the only way to stop falling in love...
“traffic stops on madison”

You’re body was a coal mine
We’re coughing and sick
Lost men gasp for clarity
their lungs still black with soot-

Now I am betting on canaries and you’re mourning in your filth.
My head is buried in my hands.
You’re buried in your guilt.

The forceps, they’ve cleared the way.
I’m steadied now to face the waves.
But my legs are bound. Your love was a sinking anchor.
Plunging through the darkest blues, past arms outstretched in beryl hues
But now the lake swims in my chest. And it’s pulse evicts the raptures.

Dark waters filled my lungs as I am struggling to breathe.
Nine hundred feet beneath.
I am the afterbirth of sorrow, and if I don’t wake up tomorrow,
Perhaps, Christina, you may find your heart in the depths of Lake Michigan.

When the only way to stop falling in love...
“traffic stopped on madison”
You’re body was a coal mine
We’re coughing and sick
Lost men gasp for clarity
their lungs still black with soot

I am a wounded wolf that’s howling
and you mean nothing to me now.
but I swear I’ll kill that mother-fucker
before the sun goes down.

This is my voice. Hear me now, hear me now.
You were my voice. Hear me now.

Sit and wait for your wave to roll in
You’re stuck in your skin waiting for death to cleanse your soul
You’ve got to hold on now, you’ve got to hold on.
Dig your graves, shake the dead.

Empty eyes turn away from the pacts of the living to dig your graves, shake the dead.